Keep HIM Ministries stands for Keep the Honey In the Moon.  What does that mean?  We believe that after the stress of wedding planning and worrying about everything going as planned on YOUR day, that this is a very pinnacle moment in your love for each other.  Now, you are married and you are on your way to the Honeymoon.  The focus of this ministry is to keep your hearts in the Honeymoon phase "til death do us part."

So often married couples get comfortable with each other and the heart winning stops.  "Heart winnings" are the things that you do to win one's heart.  Sometimes life gets in the way and we may not have time to take out for one another.  Keep HIM Ministries is here to help you set aside that time to have fun with each other, keep those honeymoon flames burning, and STAY IN LOVE.

Keep HIM Ministries is focused on the marital aspects of the family. So much love and attention goes to the children, couples forget to work on the love for each other.  We understand that marriage is a relationship that requires constant effort on both parts.  As long as you have two willing people, it makes the effort less of an effort and more of a joy.

So visit our Services Page and stay tuned for any events and outings that we may have.  Join us whenever you can. 

Stay In Love,
Keep HIM Ministries

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